Applied Sociometry for Leaders and Managers

This experientially based training includes both theoretical and practical components. As managers and leaders, your role is to help people shift from giving bureaucratic soulless responses to being helpful and purposeful. Why isn’t this easy?

By working with the informal networks of relationships together with your formal organisation structure, you can increase your capacities to help people work well together. This workshop helps you to assess what is going on, and to have your team connect relevantly with others to enact their purpose. We explore ways to connect our own personal and professional identities and remain purposeful and then to assist others with this.

Based on the work of the founder of sociometry, Jacob Moreno, psychiatrist, prolific social researcher, and author, workshop methodologies include here-and-now sociometric investigations, and role training. Expect to be involved and expect to participate. There is a small amount of preparation.


  • To establish trusting relationships rapidly
  • The three sources for criteria for connections in teams
  • To use the relationship between informal relationship networks and formal structures
  • The sociometric concepts that underpin interventions that work
  • To read complex team situations, make assessments, and intervene to progress work
  • How to build cohesion in work teams.

Written Application

Write to us stating your experience, specific focus for this training and send to Include your contact details including e-mail address and phone number. A deposit of $50 must accompany enrolments; this is fully refundable if you do not proceed to training.

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Training in Action

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14th & 15th June 2018


Thursday 1.30pm to 4.30pm, Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm


$ 300 incl GST.

Training hours

10 hours


Diana Jones

Diana Jones

Diana Jones, leadership coach, author and presenter, is in the forefront in assisting leaders and teams shift their behaviours to connect relevantly. Senior leaders call upon Diana’s insights and expertise when they want to reposition themselves, rapidly reconnect teams after restructures, transform organisation cultures and increase engagement - all with a focus on delivering results. She is a sociometrist and Trainer, Educator, Practitioner with AANZPA. With over 30-years’ experience, Diana helps leaders inspire others and impact the world through positive mutual relationships.