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W2: Finding your feet: a sociodrama training workshop

23 June 2017: What does working with people from cultures other than your own require of you? Perhaps, interest, inquiry, inter-cultural learning as well as cultural self-awareness. It may also involve developing your ability to stay with yourself in the unknown, and finding ways to be and to be effective when strong cultural influences and intercultural dynamics are present.

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Humanising our Social Systems: a sociodrama training workshop

22 -24 September, 2017: This training workshop will focus on the tipping point where an organisation or social system realises its humane values, or, forgets or overlooks them. Kindness, helpfulness, collaboration, transparency, trust and empathy will be evident in a humane culture. The systems will be forgiving and compassionate; matters that are heartfelt by the individual are respected, tolerated and hopefully enjoyed. The loss or absence of these values results in a culture that is highly competitive, callous, heartless, severe and ‘machine like’.

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Multi-Level Monthly Sundays Training Group 2017

Multi-Level Monthly Sundays Training Group 2017 Description This training group is part of a larger training programme in 2017 comprising two residential workshops, a non-residential weekend workshop with Chris Hosking who will focus on how to apply role theory when...

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Monthly: An Experience of Psychodrama 2017 Nelson

Monthly: During these evenings you will get a taste of the method of psychodrama, for some for you maybe for the first time. It will be a gentle introduction to the philosophy and methods developed by Dr J L Moreno and furthered by practitioners in psychodrama associations worldwide.

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One to One Supervised Director Training

13 February, 2017: Advanced trainees will set up and lead a practise personal development group. The group can be made up of current trainees, those who are interested in psychodrama from the community or from a network of friends. (A minimum of 8 group members is recommended.) The trainee will arrange the venue and promotion of their group with guidance from a primary trainer.

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Combined Training Group

18 February, 2017: This year long multilevel programme aims to build experience for application in the trainee’s chosen profession or life identity through supervised experiential learning of psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry, role training, and group work. Trainees will participate in group interactions and dramatic enactments as audience, protagonist, auxiliary and director. A 1 hour individual interview will be held with each trainee on 27 and 28 October to identify opportunities for practice and development.

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