Nelson Training Programme 2019

Training Programme


Spring School of Spontaneity workshop

Nelson. October 25 – 27.  A weekend non-residential workshop. In this playful workshop, you will learn about Moreno’s five levels of spontaneity. You will participate in activities that will encourage imaginative flow and increase the ability to say ‘yes’ to life as it presents moment by moment. 

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One-to-One Supervised Director Training

Programme for Advanced Trainees.  Advanced trainees will set up and lead a practise personal development group. The group can be made up of current trainees, those who are interested in psychodrama from the community or from a network of friends. (A minimum of 8 group...

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Application for Training

Trainees need to have, be working towards, or planning to attain a professional qualification in their chosen field. Application is done in three stages:

  1. Apply using the online form here: Enrol.
  2. A Training Interview for new trainees: the purpose of the interview is to determine professional goals and to assess the relevance of prior learning, to outline the training process and to begin to develop a training plan. This interview is free of charge. Contact a Staff member or the Nelson administrator to make an appointment.
  3. You will be notified of acceptance at the interview or by email. Your place will be confirmed by the payment of fees.

Once the enrolment is confirmed this Training Agreement is in place.

Contact Centre for Experiential Learning and Development, Nelson

Staff Members


C/- Claire Guy 175 Tasman Street, Nelson 7010 Phone: +64 21 119 2533 E-mail: