PANZ Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington Training Programme

The 2023 programme presents on-going training in psychodrama and group work as well as associated experiential events in which psychodrama and other active group work methods will be utilised to explore of the complex social and cultural questions relevant to living in our contemporary world. In 1942, with the opening of the Sociometric Institute and the New York Institute of Psychodrama, J. L. Moreno envisioned psychodrama as a method that brought together the stage and the theatre with psychology, education, sociology, cultural anthropology, psychiatry and other branches of the social sciences. Today we would include, more specifically, the arts and especially the fields of music, movement and voice.

Linked to these training workshops there may be a series of personal and professional development events. Whether the workshop has a specific training focus or more of a personal emphasis, we will be learning about ourselves, each other and the world we live in together.

PANZ Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington Training Programme 2023

Residential Psychodrama Training Workshop 2023

Wellington: 12-16 April, 2023. Trainers: Vivienne Thomson, Bev Hosking. This 4-day residential psychodrama training workshop aims to bring about a greater knowledge and integration of the theory and practice of psychodrama, sociometry, role training, sociodrama and group work.

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Application for Training

Application is done in four stages:

    1. Apply using the online form here: Enrol.
    2. Trainees enrolling for a training event for the first time are required to have a training interview. The purpose of this interview is to determine professional goals, to assess the relevance of prior learning, to outline the training process and to begin to develop a training plan. This interview is free of charge. Contact the PANZ Wellington administrator to make an appointment prior to enrolling in a programme or workshop.
    3. You will be notified of acceptance at the interview or by email. Your place in a training course will be confirmed by the payment of fees.
    4. You will need to accept the Training Agreement. Once your enrolment is confirmed this Training Agreement is understood to be in place.

It is to your advantage to have a professional setting where you can apply what you are learning. Advanced trainees need to have, or be working towards, or planning to attain a professional qualification in their chosen professional field.

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