Aotearoa New Zealand Workshops

Open to trainees and other professionals

Workshops listed here are open to trainees and other professionals. Please read the description of the workshop and check eligibility with the organiser.

W3: The Psychodrama Director as Improviser

Wellington. The Psychodrama Director as Improviser. 28-30 October 2022. Trainers: Bev Hosking, Martin Putt. Like an improviser, the director of a psychodrama, sociodrama, role training, sociometry, or group work session needs to accept each moment as it comes and respond in the here and now to what is emerging in the individual and the group; and then, to what is on the stage.

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W1: Psychodrama Training Workshop

Wellington: 15-17 July, 2022. Trainer: Chris Hosking. This 3-day psychodrama training workshop aims to bring about a greater knowledge of the theory and practice of psychodrama and will involve teaching and supervised practice.

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