Aotearoa New Zealand Workshops

Open to trainees and other professionals

Workshops listed here are open to trainees and other professionals. Please read the description of the workshop and check eligibility with the organiser.

W2: Highlighting the Drama in Psychodrama

Wellington: April 12-14, 2019. In this workshop we will give our attention to the dramatic, we will highlight ourselves as dramatists, artists and theatre lovers and weave this together in the what the psyche unfolds to us moment by moment. Trainer: Chris Hosking.

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W3: Residential Psychodrama Training Workshop

Wellington: May 23-27, 2019. This 4-day residential psychodrama training workshop aims to bring about a greater knowledge and integration of the theory and practice of psychodrama, sociometry, role training, sociodrama and group work. Trainers: Bev Hosking, Vivienne Thomson.

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Spring School of Spontaneity workshop

Nelson. October 25 – 27.  A weekend non-residential workshop. In this playful workshop, you will learn about Moreno’s five levels of spontaneity. You will participate in activities that will encourage imaginative flow and increase the ability to say ‘yes’ to life as it presents moment by moment. 

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