During this year-long programme trainees can expect to undertake reading and written assignments with the intention of completing initial papers or thesis. The training group, led primarily by Marilyn Sutcliffe and Vivienne Thomson, will focus on integration of the method and developing the identity of the practitioner. This will require trainees to identify specific areas noted in the Training and Standards Manual they wish to hone and to display their practice bringing forward their applications of the method for learning and discovery through experimentation. In addition to attending the training programme, trainees are expected to have regular supervision with a trainer and to address their own personal development or therapy.

In addition to the programme there is a stand-alone workshop booked for Saturday 5‐7 October 9:30am‐4:30pm.

An announcement will be made about this shortly.

Training Dates 2018

  • Saturday 10 February 9:30am‐4:30pm
  • Thursday – Sunday 15-18 March 9:30am‐4:30pm
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday 20‐22 April 9:30am‐4:30pm
  • Saturday 19 May 9:30am‐4:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 16 & 17 June 9:30am‐4:30pm  * Likely to be Hamish & Vivienne leading
  • Saturday 7 July 9:30am‐4:30pm
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10‐12 August 9:30am‐4:30pm
  • Saturday 8 September 9:30am‐4:30pm
  • Friday to Sunday 12 ‐14 October 9:30am‐4:30pm (individual 40 minute interviews to be arranged)
  • Saturday 17 November 9:30am‐4:30pm

Enrol in Intermediate & Advanced Training Group

Auckland Training Centre for Psychodrama


Workshop Code: ATCP-Combined-2018


All events will be held at Corbans Estate Art Centre in Henderson. The first day will be at the old St Michael’s Church and other venues at CEAC will be confirmed at that time.


  • Year-long programme Fee: $3250
  • Deposit of $350.00 is required to secure a place.

Training Hours

Total Training Hours: 109 hours