Walter Logeman

Walter Logeman The CITP is collaborating with a group of NZ trainers to offer this course. Walter Logeman will be the main trainer. He is a Trainer, Educator and Practitioner (TEP) in the CITP. He has conducted Working with Couples professional development workshops since 2009.

Walter describes his motivation for presenting the Couple Therapy Training course:

“In 2009 I wrote an article in the AANZPA Journal called The Imago Affair. I concluded with the intention: “… to explore how we can develop relationship therapy beyond what we know today. I think we can use the psychodrama process to expand and to enrich couple therapy, to explore possibilities and to consciously learn and evolve.” Since then, I have been teaching and practising couple therapy using psychodrama. It is a comprehensive and holistic way to teach couple therapy. It is time to offer this course.

“Couple therapy is a form of group work. This training is a form of group work. In this course we apply the same values and methods as we do in the work with couples. We produce encounter. The relationship is a drama. Each partner is, in turn, the protagonist and the auxiliary ego. We understand the process through role theory. We think in terms of warm up, action, sharing. The therapy room becomes the stage. These technical terms are rich and useful in the training but we don’t use them so much with couples. Approaching a couple with the theory and practice of psychodrama as a guide is a delight. I’m enthusiastic to offer a course which trains psychodrama by focussing on one application of the method. I am sure the course will be of value to new and experienced therapists and psychodramatists.

We live in a time of urgent warnings about the planet. I am reminded of J.L. Moreno’s book, Who Shall Survive? (1978) as I write this. He was dismayed that survival was approached by biological and technological means and not by social means. He developed new relational tools and they remain vital for the survival of humankind. This vision motivates me to bring this course in couple therapy to your attention. My hope is you will be inspired and take up the call.”