Programme for Advanced Trainees.  Advanced trainees will set up and lead a practise personal development group. The group can be made up of current trainees, those who are interested in psychodrama from the community or from a network of friends. (A minimum of 8 group members is recommended.) The trainee will arrange the venue and promotion of their group with guidance from a primary trainer.

The group will be a closed group with a minimum of 6 x 2- 2 1/2 hour sessions.

Programme hours:  The trainee will receive a minimum 6 hours of supervision (additional hours can be contracted). At least 2 hours will be based on reports of 2 sessions written up by the trainee.

The options for the remaining hours of supervision are supervision in situ (a trainer would attend a session and give supervision during the session as contracted with the trainee) or a 1-1 supervision session with the trainer identifying moments of creativity and moments of challenge. We recommend you ask your participants to make a koha to cover your expenses.

Pre-requisite and availability:  Advanced trainees will have completed their first formal piece of writing that is assessed by the Institute, and have a primary trainer.

This programme is available to approved advanced trainees between mid-February and end-November 2019. It is expected trainees will complete this programme within six months.

Advanced trainees interested in this programme must be pre-approved for this programme prior to enrolment. Please discuss your plans with either Claire Guy or Cher Williscroft before enrolling.

Enrol in One to One Supervised Director Training Programme for Advanced Trainees

ExLD, Nelson


Workshop Code: 2019F


Available between February and November 2019


Flexible and as agreed with Trainer


Please contact us to enquire


Claire Guy and Cher Williscroft