In conducting a psychodrama it is our aim to assist the protagonist and the group to develop a new warm up, a new experience that will be taken out into the world. A fresh warm up is a foundation for what we do in our lives subsequently.

Through an application of a wide range of psychodramatic techniques, a deepening of the warm up results in more free expression and increases the realisation of the therapeutic intent of the drama. The protagonist’s warm up, life force and values are drawn out and enacted on the stage. In this workshop we will focus on the producer not allowing the enactment to drift, but developing their ability to awaken the creative resources of the protagonist and the group.

The training is experiential and interactive, and participants will learn about the application of this method in their personal and professional life. This training will assist those in leadership roles to develop their abilities.

Enrol in Psychodrama Training: Deepening the Warm-up

Wellington Psychodrama Training Institute


Workshop Code: W1-2017


24 – 26 March, 2017


Friday: 7.00pm – 9.00pm,
Saturday: 10.00am – 5.30pm,
Sunday: 10.00am – 5.00pm.


Level One, 35-37 Victoria Street, Central Wellington.




Chris Hosking

Chris Hosking

Chris is a Psychodramatist and Trainer, Educator and Practitioner (TEP). She has worked for many years as a psychodrama trainer, individual supervisor and group work supervisor. She leads training workshops in Australia, New Zealand and Greece and for non-government organizations in Southeast Asia. Chris is has an active history in AANZPA Inc. a Distinguished member of AANZPA and a member of the Ethics Committee.