The focus of this workshop series is the integration of theory and practice of the psychodrama method and encouraging independent practice.  It is aimed at advanced trainees with more than 600 hours of training. There is a limit of six trainees.





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Wellington Psychodrama Training Institute


Workshop Code: W4-2018


July 21, August 11, September 8, 2018


9.30am – 5.30pm


 Level One, 35-37 Victoria Street, Central Wellington.




Bev Hosking

Bev Hosking

Bev is a role trainer and TEP (Trainer, Educator, Practitioner). She is experienced in action methods that aim to promote social dialogue and the formation of cohesive communities. She is a founding staff member of WPTI and works as an individual and small group supervisor, consultant trainer, counsellor and playback theatre practitioner and trainer. She is a member of the AANZPA Board of Examiners.