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Authored by Jennings, H.

Author Title Year Publication details
Moreno, J. L.; Jennings, H.; Sargent, J. Time as a Quantitative Index of Inter-Personal Relations (PDF, 525.7 KB) 1940 Sociometry, Volume 3, No. 1
Moreno, J. L.; Jennings, H. Statistics of Social Configurations (PDF, 1.0 MB) 1938 Sociometry, Volume 1, No. 3/4
Moreno, J. L.; Jennings, H. Sociometric Methods of Grouping and Regrouping with Reference to Authoritative and Democratic Methods of Grouping (PDF, 501.7 KB) 1944 Sociometry, Volume 7, No. 4
Moreno, J. L.; Jennings, H. Sociometric Measurement of Social Configurations (PDF, 1,019.0 KB) 1945 Beacon House, New York Sociometry Monographs No.3
Jennings, H. Structure of Leadership-Development and Sphere of Influence (PDF, 1.7 MB) 1937 Sociometry, Volume 1, No. 1/2