This workshop explores how sociometry can be used to make sense of and strengthen human relations in organisations. Sociometry is an action method process which actively works with interpersonal choices and their impact on groups. The dynamics of this inner structure of a group can facilitate or hinder the work of an organization. Realisations about the inner structure and its patternings have a powerful flow on effect of stimulating the formation of new links, and strengthening these/them.

Sociometry assists promoting cohesive working relationships. The matter of personal preference is researched and then put to good use in order to increase mutuality in work groups. Organisations willing to work with both formal and informal networks are more likely to produce work groups focused on activity and tasks they find satisfying and have a natural affinity for.

The training process will be based on links continually being made between the immediate group situation as well as the experiences of participants in other work groups.

The content will focus on inner and outer group structures; relationship patterning and social configurations of informal systems; and designing relevant interventions to promote cohesive relationships.

The aim of the workshop is to make participants more steady, versatile and responsive in approaching the sociometric field of a group.

This workshop is relevant to those working with action interventions in or with organizations including team leaders, managers, coaches and consultants.

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Wellington Psychodrama Training Institute


Workshop Code: W4 - 2020

Date and Times

Friday: 26 June: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday: 27 June: 10.00 am – 5.30 pm
Sunday: 28 June: 9.30 am – 5.00 pm


Level One, 35-37 Victoria Street, Central Wellington.


$575.00 (inc GST) Some places are available at a reduced rate


Chris Hosking

Chris Hosking

Chris Hosking is an action methods practitioner and trainer with considerable breadth of experience. She has been training people in psychodrama and sociometry for many years in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Greece and Japan. Her training orientation is based upon an experiential learning model and a systems approach. She is a qualified Psychodramatist and Trainer, Educator and Practitioner with the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association and a Distinguished Member of AANZPA.